Welcome to 12 Days of Gratitude Day 5

How  Gratitude Increases your Level of Empathy

Gratitude allows people to act in a pro social manner despite how others around them may behave. In a study conducted by the University of Kentucky,  people who feel gratitude show and experience more feelings of empathy towards other people.

Gratitude is a life enforcing, enhancing energy. It will help you to improve your empathy skills. This is because people who feel good generally want those feelings for others around them. They want to share the good feelings with everyone. Gratitude is a high level emotion and it is a protection against low level emotions. It helps to keep you feeling great!

Gratitude allows people to feel good within themselves. Grateful people are better able to see life through another person’s eyes. They were also more likely to help others with personal and emotional issues. Grateful people also decrease the amount they judge themselves and others. This increases their level of empathy.

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