Welcome to 12 Days of Gratitude Day 6

How  Gratitude Increases your Level of Optimism

Gratitude is something we choose. It is the antidote for all the negative and toxic things that come into our lives.

Gratitude promotes optimism. Optimism generates feelings of hope. It is the most effective medicine for our soul. It fosters a positive outlook. 

When we are going through our darkest times, it can be difficult to think about Gratitude. Yet,  gratitude can and will lift you up. It will help you to move through and past the darkness. Sometimes it can be difficult to think of something to be grateful for. That’s  OK. Start with being Grateful you thought about Gratitude at all. You already know the way through just by that one thought. You can think of little things to be grateful for at any time such as, the sky, the moon, food, the day existing.  It is a secret weapon. 

As you grow in gratitude you grow in spiritual maturity. This maturity creates more optimism. It allows you to experience the fullness of life.

We all have access to hope: Gratitude. It does take effort, persistence, and patience. It’s also free and you can practice at any time, in any place, day or night. You can build your optimistic muscle one day at a time.

Make it a daily practice to look for the good in life even and especially when there’s a difficult situation.

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