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Welcome to 12 Days of Gratitude Day 7

How  Gratitude Increases your Level of Resilience

Gratitude is one of the components to emotional resilience it builds resilience by allowing us to look at the positive things in our lives it replaces the negative thoughts with positive feel good one it also helps us to stop the ruminating on thoughts and events.

It’s like building a muscle. The more you practice gratitude,  the stronger the benefits. There are four main components to Gratitude. They are connection, wellness,  healthy thinking, and finding meaning in life. When we practice gratitude, it builds our resilience and empowers us to move through and overcome difficult situations.  Practicing Gratitude does this by allowing positive emotions into our minds and to help widen our view of ourselves in the world. It also creates mental openness. Our minds work better when we are grateful. Grateful minds are also  more likely to seek help in difficult situations. This helps us to weather any storm. 

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