Welcome to 12 Days of Gratitude Day 8

How  Gratitude Increases your Level of Self Esteem 

People who practice gratitude have higher levels of Self Esteem. There are many theories as to why gratitude increases self esteem. One theory is that when you intentionally become aware of the ways others are good to you, it increases your own sense of your self value. This increase then in your own sense of self value leads to higher self-esteem and you feel better about yourself.

Gratitude reduces the incidence of emotions like bitterness, greed, and anger. People as a whole have a tendency to focus on the negative. This can lead to depression and low self-esteem. Focusing on gratitude and the positive things that do happen every day can reverse this tendency. Positive thoughts and emotions leads to greater happiness and self-esteem.

Gratitude is one of the signature strengths that people have.  It produces instant results and it’s available 24/7. It also costs nothing.  Practicing gratitude includes appreciating all of your positive qualities, attributes, and abilities as well.  This is another way that Gratitude boosts self-esteem.  Gratitude also decreases feelings of envy.  This decrease can help you feel more at ease which in turn makes life so much easier.

You can use Being Grateful, a Little Journey  to help you get started. It’s a 12 month journey of some of the little things we can be grateful for every day. 

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