Welcome to 12 Days of Gratitude Day 10

How  Gratitude Improves your Emotional Resilience 

Gratitude helps Improve our emotional resilience and regulation by helping us to control our reaction to negative events. Grateful people also engage in more helpful habits when under stress. 

Gratitude will also change how we experience negative emotions. By writing down what you are grateful for in particular, appears to be a powerful tool in regulating emotions. It does this by helping people better process these negative emotions.

Gratitude leads to a greater appreciation of our experiences in life and the people that we share those experiences with. So when an unexpected event happens, we are more able to move through it. This is because we are looking for the good and the positive in any given situation. When we see the good we feel better. This seems to be especially true with writing down what we are grateful for.

Practicing gratitude is an easy thing that we can all do. It does require us to do something different. When we are truly ready to improve our emotional intelligence and regulation we can start at any time, at any moment, on any given day, in any situation.

Gratitude is a lifelong journey. It makes the world a better place. The more you give the better you feel.

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