Welcome to 12 Days of Gratitude Day 11

How  Gratitude Increases your Feelings of Calm

Practicing gratitude helps us to calm our nerves and our minds. It is a powerful relationship. Being in a state of gratitude can also effectively rewire our brains.  It will create new neural pathways that lead to more feelings of peace and happiness. Gratitude redirects our thoughts  away from what is troubling or worrying us towards thoughts that will lift us up. It shifts us out of negative energy into positive energy. Positive thoughts and energy produce feelings of calm. 

It will give us a perspective on just how important some thing actually is to us. It will also allow us to let go of control over the events in our lives. Gratitude allows us to create space for the good we desire to come in.

Gratitude will create a feeling of abundance. When we feel as if we have enough, we naturally feel calmer. There is no more need to worry or stress. It will bring us into the present moment.  Being present will free us from past worry and ruminating on past events. This will then put us in a different direction than resentment. Resentment will steal our calmness. Gratitude is the antidote.

We can change ourselves in our lives through gratitude. What are you grateful for today?

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