A Life Changing Walk

After completing the Ironman World Championship, I was in desperate need of a mental reset and a chance to reconnect with myself. It had been a grueling journey to the championship, filled with endless hours of training and relentless determination. Now, I yearned for a moment of peace to clear my mind and move forward with a sense of inner balance.

So, on a serene Monday morning, I decided to simply embark on a walk. It was an intentional choice, a personal pilgrimage to restore my sense of peace and rekindle my connection with myself.

I grabbed a water and put my phone on airplane mode. No headphones, no distractions, just me and my thoughts. My initial goal was to walk for at least 6 hours and then reevaluate if more time was needed. 

As I set off on my journey, I was filled with a unique mix of emotions. The transition from a grueling competition to a solitary walk allowed me to shed the intensity of the race and embrace a calmer, more reflective state of mind. The sensation of being disconnected from the  world was strangely liberating. For the next several hours, I was free to just be. 

After the first few minutes, I no longer cared about my phone. I had the opportunity to tune into the world within me. The warmth of the sun on my face, the waves crashing, and the melodious birds became more vivid. It was truly a return to the present moment. 

With each step, my thoughts would jump and change. I contemplated my journey to the Ironman World Championship, my sacrifices, the mental struggle of working, and training, and moving, and the lessons learned. The absence of digital distractions allowed me to delve into my inner world, reflect on my achievements, and ponder my future. 

As the hours passed, I found myself engaged in deep self-reflection, seeking to understand my motivations, my purpose, and my aspirations beyond the world of competitive sports. The walk provided the space I needed to clear my mind, evaluate my priorities, and chart a course for my future.

Time really flew by out there. I was so engaged with the moment. It was very interesting to watch the day as it flowed from morning to afternoon and evening. The different sounds and movements, and people were not something I had honestly given a lot of thought to before. 

As I approached the 6 hour mark, I felt I was not quite done yet. So, I continued on my way. After 8 hours and 25 miles walked, I felt complete. I felt renewed, healed, and with a new purpose and direction for my life. 

As the sun dipped below the horizon, It was time to rejoin the world. I gazed at the stars above, pondering the vastness of the universe and contemplating my own place within it. It was a serene and meditative moment, a stark contrast to the adrenaline-fueled intensity of Ironman training. 

 I had reconnected with myself and gained the clarity I had sought. The inner peace and renewed perspective I had achieved during this journey were invaluable.

This journey had rekindled the connection between my inner world and the outer one, marking the beginning of a new chapter in my life beyond the Ironman World Championship. It was a pivotal step in my ongoing quest for balance and self-discovery.

I will delve deeper into the realizations and thoughts I had while out there in the next few weeks. Also, I will talk about what it was like to do something as simple and profound as simply walking.

I highly recommend for everyone to take their own journey, unplugged.

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