Welcome to 12 Days of Gratitude

Let’s go on a 12 day gratitude journey! Here, we will talk about the  incredible benefits for both the body and mind of being grateful.

 Our first benefit is Gratitude will boost your immune system. That’s right! Who couldn’t use a boost in their immune system with this whole pandemic going on. Medical studies now show that gratitude increases our red blood cell counts, which significantly improves our health. The studies were conducted at the University of Utah and Kentucky found that people who practice Gratitude had more disease fighting cells. And, people who kept a gratitude journal had stress hormone levels that were 23% less. That’s significant. Gratitude is a natural stress detox for the body and the mind.

When we think about what we are grateful for, the parasympathetic or calming nervous system is activated. This is our rest and restore system. It allows our immune system to function at its fullest potential. It also gets us out of that fight or flight mode. Fight or flight is the stress mode that causes so much damage.

Gratitude is something that we can all learn. It’s something that is available to each of us. In order to help you on your gratitude journey, we have created a little journal. It’s a light, humorous journey through gratitude to help you along your way. It will give you ideas of little things to be grateful for. Everyone is obsessing about Gratitude , Being Grateful a Little Journey. Get your copy and boost your immune system today!