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North Star Performance Program

Optimize your Mind

The North Star Performance Program is a comprehensive program to grow, promote, and enhance mental performance in sports.

Our comprehensive approach centers on the athlete as a whole person with a mind, body, and unique personality. As the mental state of the athlete improves, true potential is unleashed.

Winning becomes the natural outcome of focusing on North Stars- our unique goal-setting system which enables the athlete to perform at their best while taking ownership of their own journey and development.

North Star’s comprehensive goal-setting program promotes mental and physical performance through:

•  Coach participation. Coaches set their own North Star and track along with the athlete.

•  Flexibility. The North Star Program is designed to work for both individual athletes and team-based athletes.

 • Manageable timeframes. North Star Programs can be as short as 6 weeks.

Successfully completing a North Star Program promotes self-confidence and self-worth, reduces fear of failure, and increases the athlete’s ability to process stress and anxiety. In addition, teams who participate in The North Star Program develop a renewed sense of camaraderie as they process their individual growth together.

The Northstar program can be tailored to team or individual sports as well as for an individual athlete.
Program minimum is 6 weeks. Please contact Monica for information specific to your situation at .

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